Hello Everyone. Welcome to my blog. I am Srinivas Karthik Chadalavada, a technology enthusiast and I am into IT industry as a software engineer, Currently working in Bangalore. I created this blog to share my professional and personal experiences along with some technology news and some posts which may be inspiring, educating and fun as well, also to get connected with some like minded people over there.

Coming to my hobbies, I love to listening to music whenever I get some time, on the go and when ever possible, it always makes my mood, apart from that I love to play shuttle, and now blogging is added to the list.Wait, I forgot to mention that I love photography, yes I Love photography its so creative.As of now, I don’t have a good camera with me.So, as soon as I get my DSLR, I will start a photography blog to share my work, captures.

This blog is for Technology followers, bloggers like me of course and each and everyone who finds my blog and posts interesting.Other than this my blog may also contain posts regarding humour,life, relationships and lots more.

So, my dear friends please checkout my posts and do participate in polls,questions and posts.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you stop by so we can get things off to a great start! If you have your own blog or website, be sure to e-mail me the link so I can feature it in upcoming posts. I have a bunch of ideas for posts, but feel free to e-mail me your suggestions for future topics.

Thank you for visiting.

Enjoy your visit!


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